You Catch Him Jerking Off…

Liam: Your friend was in town and you just came back from dinner with her. You walked into your and Liam’s flat. You set down your purse and walked up stairs. “Liam? I’m home.” You said wondering where he was. You heard a grunt come from the bathroom. You jiggled the handle and the door wasn’t locked so you just walked in. You saw Liam sitting on the toilet with his hand down his pants. “Oh! (Y/N) Sorry. I um. You’re home. Uh…” Liam said turning beet red. You broke down into hysterics. “Finish up Liam and come to bed. I’m tired.” You said walking into the bedroom still laughing. 

Louis: You came home from the library to find the whole flat completely dark. “Hello? I’m home. Boobear?” You said wlaking upstairs. There was only a little bit of light and it was coming from your bedroom. You walk straight in to see Louis laying on the bed naked. “Hey (Y/N)! How was the library?” He said not even caring that you just caught him wanking. “F-fine. Um Louis. Do you want me to leave?” You said backing out the door. “No! The more the merrier.” He said while patting the bed.

Zayn: You and Zayn were having a movie night. You had to make a tinkle so you ran off to use the bathroom. When you came back you heard heavy breathing. You walk into the lounge to see Zayn sprawled out on the couch with his hands in his pants. “Zayn! Not again! I was gone for two minutes and this is what you do to entertain yourself?” You said walking over and laughing. “Oops.” He said smiling sheepishly.

Niall:  School was bad for you but you were excited just to get home and see your lovely boyfriend Niall. You opened the front door to your flat and you heard a gasp. You turned around to see Niall covering himself with blankets and turning pink. “H-hey!” Niall said trying to act like he wasn’t doing anything. “Niall. Whatcha doin?” You said already knowing the answer. “Oh you know…stuff.” He said. You leaned down and whispered in his ear. “Why do that when you can do something even better.” You said pulling away and walking to the kitchen. His eyes got big.

Harry: You just got out of the shower. You wrapped yourself up in your fuzzy robe and walked into the bedroom. The first thing you see is Harry sitting there naked and smirking at you. “Harry! Oh I’m sorry.” You said covering your eyes. You turned around to leave but Harry grabbed your hand. “Don’t go.” He whispered in your ear.